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(For rules not listed, refer to US Lacrosse Rules and Guidelines)
20-minute running halves
One 5-minute sudden victory overtime period after regulation ties
No winner after overtime results in a tie
Clock stops for injury in last 2 minutes
Penalties are also running clock, and therefore modified:
Technical foul: 45 seconds
Personal foul: 90 seconds
One 1-minute timeout per team, per half
None in overtime
Stops clock
Stick Dimensions:

Please note that US Lacrosse defers to NFHS rules for stick dimensions, exept for the following modification that we will follow FOR U10/11 ONLY:


"The length of the crosse for field players shall be 37 to 42 inches or 47 to 54 (“long crosse” for purposes of NFHS Rule 2 SECTION 1 ARTICLE 2). 


We will use NFHS stick rules, exept for the modification above.

Tournament Scoring:

Win: 3 points

Tie: 1 point

Loss: 0 points

Top two teams in each division after pool play go to championship game

Pool play will likely be either 3 or 4 games, depending on division size

Divisions with 3 pool games will end with either a consolation or championship game for each team (4 total games)

Divisions with 4 pool games will have an additional 1 championship game for top two pool teams (4 total games for most teams, 5 total games for top two)

Tiebreakers will be followed in the following order to determine championship games:

-Head-to-head results

-Total Goals against

-Total Goals for

-Coin toss

Rules and Weather/Refund Policies
Weather Refund Policy:

Due to the costs of setup and/or staffing, no refunds will be given for weather-related and other uncontrollable cancellations.

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